Austrian Poker Masters

Michael Aschenreiter is the champion of the Austrian Poker Masters Main Event!

The Main Event of the Austrian Poker Masters is officially behind us. With a total of 521 entries, the guaranteed prize pool of €50,000 was successfully surpassed, allowing the players to share a prize pool of €56,268. From four starting days, a total of 54 players advanced to the final, who, on Saturday from 7:00 PM, sat down to the tables with a guaranteed reward of €169.
Shortly after 1 AM, the final table was set. The winner was set to receive a prize of €13,251. However, the players ultimately reached a deal among the final five players, which looked as follows:

Michael Aschenreiter - €8,110

Rad Ahmad Fahimi - €6,897

Jiří Kún - €6,765

Manfred Stechauer - €6,249

Pavol Szetei - €5,035

Michael Aschenreiter took the largest share of the prize pool and the beautiful trophy from the main event. We heartily congratulate the entire Palasino Poker team.
We thank the players for creating a great atmosphere throughout the Austrian Poker Masters and look forward to more shared experiences in our poker rooms in Excalibur City and Wullowitz.

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